My special Angel!

Looking up with those chocolaty innocence,
wagging your tail in constant happiness,
you touched my heart the moment I saw you
and wrapped it around those gentle giant paws!

I lost my heart to your purity,
your smile and sunshiny presence!
That childlike quality of shadowing me
and filling my life with bubbly essence.

Two years of bliss with you,
each moment a lifetime,
The soft nudge of your nose
the pink wet kiss saying "thank you"!

Your face on my lap
comforting me in my sadness
licking my tears away and
wagging away my frustrations.

You may be gone my darling
but are always in my heart
with every beat I hear your thump
every glance I see you around!

Time may have stolen you from me,
but your memory will stay forever
you were, are and will ever be
my darling little baby Bubbly bear!

Aarthi Raman


  1. Very touching............. giving a feeling as if he was with us too.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear Bubbles has gone. There is some lovely video of me playing with her on the day before 9/11 at IBM in New York. I will miss her as my co-chair at meetings.

  3. Sorry to hear about Bubbles. She will be missed on campus. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem about her.